To those who aren’t aware, Salesforce is world’s one of the most popular CRM software, provided as cloud service. CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Manager”. Software as such helps to collect information, automate process, communicate and address the need or grievances of current or future customers. It helps to maintain the relationship between the organization and customers while increasing the leads and sales.


Before we discuss Salesforce data center locations, let us list out some major scope of its 360 CRM software program which includes:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Apps
  • Analytics
  • Integration

Salesforce, through its global cloud infrastructure, provides CRM software which can handle your needs with ability to scale, be it small or large size business. Through its data center and server infrastructure located across world, it can quickly serve you data without latency for prompt decision. The industry that it can serve includes, but not limited to:

  • Banking
  • Communications
  • Consumer goods
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Life sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Non-profit
  • Retail
  • Travel & hospitality
  • Wealth management

Salesforce data center locations

To serve massive traffic demand, Salesforce has placed its data centers in multiple cities in 5 different countries including USA, Germany, Japan, UK and France covering North America, Europe and Asia. Cities where Salesforce data centers are located includes Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Kobe, London, Paris, Phoenix, Tokyo, Sydney and Washington DC. In Salesforce, people can create instance to place their organization CRM. Instance identifies the servers where your organization is hosted.

For example: NA22 identifies 22nd server in North America data centers. Whereas, AP3 idenfifies 3rd server in Asia Pacific region. If you are accessing from Asia, its better to use AP instances for lesser network delays.

In Salesforce, each instance uses two set of servers in different locations within same region (Asia-Pacific, Europe & Middle East or North America) to assure business continuity at times of failures. The nomenclature of instances includes:

  • Asia Pacific instances: AP
  • Europe instances: EU
  • North America instances: NA
  • UK Metropolitan instances: UM
  • Sandbox instances: CS

The data center locations of Salesforce in these regions includes:

Asia Pacific

  • Kobe, Japan
  • Tokyo, Japan


  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • London, United Kingdom (UK Metropolitan)
    • London North
    • London West

North America

  • Chicago, Illinois, United States (USA)
  • Dallas, Texas, United States (USA)
  • Phoenix, Arizona, United States (USA)
  • Washington DC, United States (USA)
    • Washington DC North
    • Washington DC South

Others: AWS

Apart from its own data centers, Salesforce also use Amazon Web Services (AWS) locations in Australia, Canada and USA to place its instances including “government regions”. These instances are located in two availability zones within same country. The AWS regions that Salesforce uses includes:

  • AWS Asia Pacific Sydney
  • AWS Canada Central
  • AWS GovCloud USA

List of Salesforce data center locations for Instances

Below we have created a table listing current instances of Salesforce along with their data center location.

Salesforce Data Center Locations
Salesforce Instances Data Center Locations
AP0, AP3, AP4, AP5, AP6, AP7, AP8 Kobe and Tokyo (Japan)
AP9 AWS Asia Pacific Sydney
AP10, AP11, AP12, AP13 Kobe and Tokyo (Japan)
AP14 AWS Asia Pacific Sydney
AP15, AP16, AP17, AP18, AP19 Kobe and Tokyo (Japan)
AP20, AP21, AP22, AP28 AWS Asia Pacific Sydney
EU7, EU8, EU10, EU12, EU13, EU14, EU15, EU16, EU17, EU18, EU19, EU25, EU26, EU27, EU28, EU29, EU30, EU31, EU32 Frankfurt (Germany) and Paris (France)
UM1, UM2, UM3, UM4, UM5, UM6, UM7 London North and London West (UK)
NA21 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
NA32, NA37, NA39, NA44, NA45 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
NA46 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
NA47 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
NA49 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
NA52, N53, NA54 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
NA57, NA58 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
NA59, NA60, NA61, NA62, NA64 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
NA65, NA66 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
NA67, NA68 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
NA69 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
NA70, NA71 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA72, NA73, NA74 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
NA75 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA76, NA77 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
NA79 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
NA80, NA81, NA82, NA83, NA84, NA85 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA86, NA87, NA88 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
NA89, NA90, NA91 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA92 AWS Canada Central
NA93, NA94, NA95, NA96, NA97, NA98 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA99 AWS Canada Central
NA100, NA101, NA102, NA103, NA104, NA105 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA107 AWS GovCloud (USA)
NA109, NA110, NA111, NA112, NA113, NA114, NA115, NA116, NA117 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA118 Washington DC North and Washington DC South (USA)
NA119 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA120, NA121 Washington DC North and Washington DC South (USA)
NA122, NA123, NA124 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA125, NA126, NA127 Washington DC North and Washington DC South (USA)
NA129, NA130, NA131, NA132 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA134 Washington DC North and Washington DC South (USA)
NA135, NA136, NA141, NA142 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
NA146, NA154, NA155 AWS Canada Central
NA171, NA172, NA173, NA174 Washington DC North and Washington DC South (USA)
NA196 AWS Canada Central
CS1, CS2 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
CS3 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS4 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
CS5, CS6 Kobe and Tokyo (Japan)
CS7 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS8 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
CS9, CS10, CS11, CS12, CS13 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS14, CS15, CS16, CS17, CS18 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
CS19, CS20, CS21 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS22 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
CS23 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS24 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
CS25, CS26 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS27, CS28, SC29 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
CS30 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS31 Kobe and Tokyo (Japan)
CS32, CS33 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
CS34, CS35, CS36, CS37, CS40, CS41, CS42, CS43, CS44, CS45 Phoenix and Washington DC (USA)
CS47 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
CS50, CS51, CS52, CS53, CS54 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS57, CS58 Kobe and Tokyo (Japan)
CS59, CS60, CS61, CS62, CS63 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS64, CS65, CS66, CS67 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
CS68, CS69, CS70, CS71 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS72, CS73, CS74, CS75, CS76 Kobe and Tokyo (Japan)
CS77, CS78, CS79 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
CS80, CS81 London North and London West (UK)
CS82, CS83, CS84, CS85 Frankfurt (Germany) and Paris (France)
CS86, CS87 London North and London West (UK)
CS88, CS89 Frankfurt (Germany) and Paris (France)
CS90, CS91 Dallas and Phoenix (USA)
CS92, CS93, CS94, CS95, CS96, CS97 Chicago and Washington DC (USA)
CS98, CS99 AWS Canada Central
CS100, CS101, CS102, CS105, CS106, CS107, CS108, CS109 Frankfurt (Germany) and Paris (France)
CS110 London North and London West (UK)
CS111, CS112, CS113, CS114 Kobe and Tokyo (Japan)
CS115, CS116 AWS Asia Pacific Sydney
CS117 Kobe and Tokyo (Japan)
CS123, CS124, CS125 Washington DC North and Washington DC South (USA)
CS126, CS127 London North and London West (UK)
CS128, CS129 Frankfurt (Germany) and Paris (France)
CS132, CS133 AWS GovCloud (USA)
CS137 AWS Asia Pacific Sydney
CS138, CS142, CS148 AWS Canada Central
CS151, CS152 AWS Asia Pacific Sydney

Salesforce Data Center Locations Map

Sorry, currently we don’t have any map of Salesforce data center locations. We will update it here as soon as we get one.

Disclaimer: These information were last updated on September 2020. Though we have done our best to collect the right information, we don’t guarantee the accuracy of information provided here including Salesforce data center locations or map. Kindly contact Salesforce for detailed or accurate information on infrastructure.