Canada is second largest country in the world in terms of land area. It is located in northern most part of North America, just above USA. While Ottawa is its capital, Toronto is the largest city and has most of the data centers in Canada. Since country falls on the upper northern hemisphere, it naturally falls under cold region which is ideal for establishing data centers. Apart from Toronto, other two largest metropolitan areas in Canada includes Montreal and Vancouver.

CanadaCanada has 13 primary administrative divisions which includes ten provinces and three territories. 10 of the provinces are listed below:

Provinces of Canada Capital City
Alberta (AB) Edmonton
British Columbia (BC) Victoria
Manitoba (MB) Winnipeg
New Brunswick (NB) Fredericton
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) St. John’s
Nova Scotia (NS) Halifax
Ontario (ON) Toronto
Prince Edward Island (PE) Charlottetown
Quebec (QC) Quebec City
Saskatchewan (SK) Regina

Apart from that Canada has three territories equivalent to provinces, which are listed below:

Territories of Canada Capital City
Nunavut (NU) Iqaluit
Northwest Territories (NT) Yellowknife
Yukon (YT) Whitehorse

The only difference between provinces and territories is that provinces get its powers from provisions in constitution whereas territories get its power from provisions made by parliament of Canada.

Data Center in Canada

Canada Data Center

Canada is equally popular choice as a location for data centers, particularly Toronto and Montreal, due its access to network providers and existing infrastructure. Study shows that revenue of the industry in the country will be over $3.5 billion by 2025. Canada is also increasing its investment in Internet of Things (IoT), which in turn increases the demand for data center.

Some of the data center companies with their facilities in Canada are listed below:


Amazon has established AWS data center region in Canada in the Montreal area of Quebec province. This region consists of 3 availability zones of AWS.  Each availability zones (AZ) are independent to each other. Hence, failure in one AZ doesn’t affect other.


Microsoft has strategically placed two of its Azure cloud data center regions in Canada. One region lies in Toronto city whereas another region lies in Quebec city. Two of the data center regions of Microsoft Azure are listed below:

Azure Data Center Region Location
Canada Central Toronto
Canada East Quebec City


The only data center of DigitalOcean in Canada lies in Toronto. It is termed as TOR1. This is where droplets of DigitalOcean are hosted.


TOR1 Data Center

TOR1 is the only cloud infrastructure of DigitalOcean available in Toronto or Canada. The services available in this facility includes:

  • Droplet plan: Basic, General purpose performance, CPU-optimized performance, Memory optimized performance
  • Managed Database availability: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
  • Other cloud services: Kubernetes, block storage, load balancers


Only two of the Equinix data centers are located in Canada, all of which are placed in Toronto. Equinix Data Centers in Toronto are called as TR1 and TR2.

Phone: +1.866.378.4649 (local), +1.408.451.5200 (international)
Email: [email protected]

IBM Cloud

Canada has in total two IBM cloud data centers in two of its cities i.e. Montreal and Toronto. Both of these locations has been hot-spot for major multi-national data center companies.


  • MON01


  • TOR01

Oracle Cloud

Canada host Oracle cloud infrastructure in two of its data center regions i.e. Canada Southeast and Canada Southeast, located in Montreal and Toronto respectively.

Canada Southeast (Montreal)

Region identifier: ca-montreal-1
Region key: YUL
Realm key: OC1
Availability domains: 1

Canada Southeast (Toronto)

Region identifier: ca-toronto-1
Region key: YYZ
Realm key: OC1
Availability domains: 1


All of the six OVHcloud data centers in Canada are located in Beauharnois, a city in Quebec province of the country.

  • Beauharnois, Quebec: BHS-1, BHS-2, BHS-3, BHS-4, BHS-5 and BHS-6


Canada has a pair of ServiceNow data centers located in Calgary and Toronto cities. However, it has office locations in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg. ServiceNow provides cloud solutions of  enterprise management software.


Apart from these companies, there are various other service providers with data centers in Canada which we are yet to index. Some of the well known Canada data centers includes:

  • Amanah
  • Aptum Technologies
  • Ascent Data
  • Canada Cloud Data
  • Cogent Communications
  • Cologix
  • Coloware
  • Compass Datacenters
  • Cyxtera
  • eStruxture
  • Fibre Centre
  • Hive Data Center
  • Hypertec
  • INAP
  • iTel Networks
  • Lumen
  • Performive
  • PureColo
  • Q9
  • Server Farm
  • Shatter IT
  • Sungard
  • TeraGo
  • Urbacon Data Centre Solutions
  • Vantage Data Centers
  • Zayo

These above mentioned companies are known to provide cloud solutions, colocation, dedicated servers or VPS hosting in Canada.

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