Quality Technology Services, commonly referred as QTS, provides data center services in various locations of North America and some part of Europe. Founded in 2003, QTS has its headquarters in Overland Park in Kansas state of US. It was founded by Chad L. Williams.

QTS Data Centers

QTS Data Center Locations

Quality Technology Services (QTS) has strong presence in United States. We could locate 21 data centers in US itself. Outside US, we could locate 2 data centers in Netherlands. Here, we have listed you the data center locations of 23 QTS data centers along with map and brief details:

# Netherlands

# United States (US)

# Map


Citing the growth of data center demand in Europe, QTS strategically acquired two of the data centers in Netherlands. These facilities in Europe were built by TCN SIG Telehousing B.V. for around $44 million (including closing costs). QTS plans to further invest in these data centers to expand the capacity.

Groningen Province

Both of the QTS Netherlands data centers are located in Groningen Province. Within the province, Eemshaven DC is located in Het Hogeland municipality. Whereas, Groningen DC is located in Groningen municipality (shares same name as province).

Eemshaven Netherlands Data Center

QTS data center in Eemshaven features 113,000 sq. ft. of white space with immediate availability. It has 36MW of total utility power and power redundancy options: N, 2N, N+1. Besides, it has cooling redundancy of N+1 with 10 centrifugal chillers and cooling towers. This facility is just 34 km away from Groningen City center, where another QTS data center is located. It has 5 network carriers connected to it.

Address: Huibertgatweg 2, 9979 XZ Eemshaven, Netherlands

Groningen Netherlands Data Center

QTS data center in Groningen features 45,000 sq. ft. of white space with immediate availability. It has 10MW of total utility power with 2N redundancy. However, it is located in the valley where 8000+MW energy is being produced. It has 10+ network carriers connected to it.

Address: Zernikelaan 16, 9747 AA Groningen, Netherlands

United States (US)


Phoenix Data Center

Spread across 84 total acres of its own land, QTS Phoenix Data Center is designed for large scale deployments at no time.  It can help your need for exponential growth. Facility is one of the efficient and flexible data center in the Arizona, with planned power capacity of 130MW.

Address: 1100 – 1600 40th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85008

Phoenix-Van Buren Data Center

Lashed with high security, this facility at downtown location provides flexible colocation options. Total space of 288,000 sq. ft. and utility power capacity of 32MW makes it one of the eligible data center for your colocation needs in the region.

Address: 120 East Van Buren Street Phoenix, Arizona 85004


Sacramento Data Center

Located nearby Silicon valley, QTS Sacramento data center can be a very good alternative to the region, given its relatively lesser cost and lower risk of natural disaster. This carrier neutral facility has 92,644 sq.ft. of total space and critical power capacity of 6MW, with sub-station in the site itself. It’s buildings are designed with importance factor of 1.5 giving enough consideration for safety.

Address: 1100 North Market Boulevard Sacramento, California 95834

Santa Clara Data Center

QTS Santa Clara Data Center is the multi-building facility located in the silicon valley. Spread across 4 acres of land, it currently has total space of 135,222 sq.ft. with room for further expansion. Moreover, it has 4,800 sq.ft. of office space available for lease. Santa Clara Data center has critical power capacity of 6.2MW and N+1 redundancy. It provides connectivity to major San Jose peering point and cloud providers.

Address: 2805/2807 Mission College Boulevard Santa Clara, California 95054


Miami Data Center

QTS Miami data center provides connectivity to a rich ecosytem which constitutes 11 on-net carriers, multiple SDN providers, peering exchange and cloud providers. 5 Data center buildings has total space of 38,000 sq.ft. It is located in low flood risk area, around 10ft above 500-year flood plain. Currently, QTS Miami has critical power capacity of 2MW with future plans for expansion. However, there is enough fuel backup to cover the power for 25days.

Address: 11234 NW 20th Street Miami, Florida 33172


Atlanta Data Center Campus

QTS Atlanta data centers are spread across over 100 acres land of Campus. This facility is equipped with on-site substation and EV-charging station. This campus possess two data centers, which are:

QTS Atlanta DC1

Address: 1033 Jefferson Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318

QTS Atlanta DC2

Address: 1025 Jefferson Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Atlanta Data Center 1 comes with space of 990,000 sq.ft. with office space available for lease. Building is equipped with multi-bay loading dock, optimal logistics pathways and critical power capacity of 120MW expandable up to 160MW. DC1 has fuel backup with power redundancy option for N+1, N+1+Catcher or 2N. Whereas, Atlanta Data Center 2 comes with space of 495,000 sq.ft. and critical power capacity of 72MW.

Suwanee Data Center

Another QTS data center in Georgia is located in Suwanee, which is a city in Gwinnett County north from Atlanta. Situated in 15 acres land, this facility host large portion of QTS customers. Data center building comes with enclosed space of 385,000 sq.ft. and raised floor of over 205,000 sq.ft.

Address: 300 Satellite Boulevard Suwanee, Georgia 30024


Chicago Data Center

QTS Chicago data center

QTS has built this data center in high demand downtown region of Chicago in a 30 acre land. This facility in Chicago has 467,000 sq.ft. total space and 2,925 sq.ft. office space available for lease. It has good power capacity of 125MW with on-site substation. QTS Chicago data center has 13 on-net carrier partners, multiple SDN providers, peering exchange and on-demand connectivity to various cloud service providers such as AWS, Google, Azure, etc. It can certainly meet any enterprise-size deployments.

Address: 2800 S Ashland Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60608


Overland Park – Kansas City Data Center

Overland Park, also the global headquarter of QTS, has data center with total space of 33,000 sq.ft. and raised floor space of 2,500 sq.ft. It is located very close to Kansas City. This facility has critical power capacity of 0.18 MW with 2N redundancy featuring dual power feed.  Similarly, it has cooling redundancy of N+1. Some of its compliance certificate includes: SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, ISO 27001 and HITRUST.

Address: 12851 Foster Street Overland Park, Kansas 66213

New Jersey

Jersey City Data Center

Located in tri-state area nearby World Trade Center, QTS Jersey City Data Center is in the heart of financial market. State-of-Art facility here currently has total space of 120,000 sq.ft. and power capacity of 3MW with N+1 redundancy.

Address: 95 Christopher Columbus Drive Jersey City, New Jersey 07302

Piscataway Data Center

QTS Piscataway is highly interconnected carrier-neutral data center with 18 on-net carrier partners. This facility at in Piscataway Township is located in 38 acre campus with 360,000 sq.ft. of total space. Powered by 100% renewable energy, it has critical power capacity of 26MW with option for N+2 or 2N redundancy. Piscataway Data center provides right mix of reliability, security and power.

Address: 101 Possumtown Road Piscataway Township, New Jersey 08854

Princeton Data Center

Located in large area of 194 acre campus, QTS Princeton Data Center provides disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets.This facility at Princeton has 6MW of critical power capacity with 14.1MW of on-site solar field to further secure the power source. DC Building has ample space with total area of 553,930 sq.ft. and room for further expansion.

Address: 159 Princeton-Hightstown Road East Windsor, New Jersey 08520


Hillsboro – Portland Data Center

This multi-building QTS Hillsboro Data Center is designed to accommodate large scale deployment. 200+MW of planned power capacity and 88 acres of self-owned land enables this facility to respond to rapid growth demand. You can safely say, it is one of the most efficient and flexible data center in the region. This highly automated QTS data center at Oregon is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Address: 4951 NE Huffman Street Hillsboro, Oregon 97124


Fort Worth – Dallas Data Center

Fort Worth is another large-sized data center facility of QTS, which can accommodate further growth. Located in 53 acres campus around Dallas region, building has total space of 263,000 sq.ft. and power capacity of 50MW with on-site substation.

Address: 14100 Park Vista Boulevard Fort Worth, Texas 76177

Irving – Dallas Data Center

QTS Irving is the largest data center in SouthEast region of USA. Situated in strategically important location,  this facility has high inter-connectivity with 20 carrier partners, multiple peering exchanges and cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Even with current space of 700,000 sq.ft. and power capacity of 140MW, this facility has huge area (54 acres) to support further development.

Address: 6431 Longhorn Drive Irving, Texas 75063


Ashburn-Broderick Data Center

QTS Ashburn-Broderick is a multi-storey facility with 427,320sq.ft. enclosed space to support rapid scaling and deployment of colocation/server facilities. It has 16 acres of adjacent land to construct more mega-facilities for QTS in the future. Currently it has 36MW power capacity (N+1) with 30 hours of fuel supply as backup. It is well connected with multiple path leading to carrier hotel.

Address: 22271 Broderick Drive Sterling, Virginia 20166

Ashburn-Lockridge Data Center

This QTS facility is capable of providing you both large scale deployments and customized deployments. With 28 acres of self-owned land and planned power capacity of 105MW, it is capable of sustaining further growth demand.

Address: 22426 Lockridge Road Sterling, Virginia 20166

Ashburn-Moran Data Center

If you are very strict about federal compliance or security and wants no compromise, this QTS facility is definitely for you. It comes with 87,000sq.ft. space and 4MW of critical power capacity (N, N+1 or 2N+1). Man trap entry, video monitoring, fiber vault, motion detection are some of the security measures that it has in place.

Address: 44874 Moran Road Sterling, Virginia 20166

Ashburn-Shellhorn Data Center

This purpose-built data center utilizes the QTS standardized Freedom building design. Like any other QTS facility at Ashburn or other part of country, it too has rapid scalability and deployment capability.

Address: 22291 Shellhorn Road Ashburn, Virginia 20147

Manassas Data Center

Located in 102 acres of self-owned land, Manassas is a mega-scale QTS facility capable of rapid deployment and growth. It has planned power capacity of 100+MW.

Address: 9400 Godwin Drive Manassas, Virginia 20110

Richmond Data Center

QTS Richmond data center is specially designed with focus on security and compliance to facilitate federal market. It is claimed to be QTS’s most secure and compliant facility. It has three QTS facilities within the campus labelled as DC1, DC2 and DC3, which covers total space of 1.3 million sq.ft. QTS Richmond has power capacity of 110MW (N+1 or 2N) with onsite sub-stations and solar panel system.

Address: 6000 Technology Boulevard Sandston, Virginia 23150

Summary List of QTS Data Center Locations

Here is the summary list of QTS Data centers and their locations (state/country). Data information in the table below is arranged in alphabetical order by country name followed by province name.

QTS Data Center Locations
QTS Data Centers Locations
Eemshaven Groningen Province, Netherlands
Groningen Groningen Province, Netherlands
Phoenix Arizona, USA
Phoenix-Van Buren Arizona, USA
Sacramento California, USA
Santa Clara California, USA
Miami Florida, USA
Atlanta Georgia, USA
Suwanee Georgia, USA
Chicago Illinois, USA
Overland Park-Kansas City Kansas, USA
Jersey City New Jersey, USA
Piscataway City New Jersey, USA
Princeton City New Jersey, USA
Hillsboro-Portland Oregon, USA
Fort Worth – Dallas Texas, USA
Irving – Dallas Texas, USA
Ashburn-Broderick Virginia, USA
Ashburn-Lockridge Virginia, USA
Ashburn-Moran Virginia, USA
Ashburn-Shellhorn Virginia, USA
Manassas Virginia, USA
Richmond Virginia, USA

QTS Data Center Locations Map

Here we have brought the map of QTS data center locations in USA. However, this map doesn’t include data centers in Netherlands.

QTS data center locations map
Please click on this image to view larger map.

Disclaimer: These information were last updated on September 2020. Though we have done our best to collect the right information, we don’t guarantee the accuracy of information provided here including QTS data center locations or map. Kindly contact Quality Technology Services (QTS) for detailed or accurate information.