Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular cloud data services provided by Amazon company. Replacing the idea of owning a data center or dedicated server, on-demand cloud computing platform such as AWS enabled people to make contingent decision. People are now able to buy the data space as they scale. In fact, customers have the option to scale or de-scale their plan based on seasonality of the demand.
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

However, to provide platform as such, AWS definitely need their own infrastructure, that too at a very large scale. Though Amazon don’t disclose the exact locations of its data centers, it has some vague classification. It gives us fair idea about the location of Amazon AWS data centers and their server.

AWS Data Center Locations

Before listing you the location of Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers, let’s give you some idea about classification system of Amazon. Amazon broadly classifies its data centers location into:

  • AWS Regions
  • AWS Availability Zones

Regions are the broader geographic locations such as cities where the Amazon data centers are strategically located to serve the web visitors around those region. Regions are geographically quite far from each other.

Whereas, availability zone are clusters of data center(s), locally concentrated in a particular area within a particular region, well interconnected to each other with same source of power connection and network. Such availability zone can have one or more data center within. However, each availability zones are quite independent to each other though there can be more than one availability zone in same region.

AWS Data Center Regions

AWS infrastructure spans 77 Availability Zones within 24 geographic regions around the world. It also has 216 points of presence including 205 edge locations and 11 regional edge caches. Besides, nine more Availability Zones and three more AWS Regions in Indonesia, Japan, and Spain are under planning or construction. Major AWS data center regions and their locations in various continents are mentioned below:

Asia Pacific

There are 9 AWS Regions in the Asia Pacific continent which includes:

  • Beijing: 2 Availability Zones
  • Hong Kong: 3 Availability Zones
  • Mumbai: 3 Availability Zones
  • Ningxia: 3 Availability Zones
  • Osaka: 1 Availability Zones
  • Seoul: 4 Availability Zones
  • Singapore: 3 Availability Zones
  • Sydney: 3 Availability Zones
  • Tokyo: 4 Availability Zones

Europe/Middle East/Africa

There are total of 8 AWS Regions in Europe, Middle East and Africa, which includes:

  • Bahrain: 3 Availability Zones
  • Cape Town: 3 Availability Zones
  • Frankfurt: 3 Availability Zones
  • Ireland: 3 Availability Zones
  • London: 3 Availability Zones
  • Milan: 3 Availability Zones
  • Paris: 3 Availability Zones
  • Stockholm: 3 Availability Zones

North America

There are total of 6 AWS Regions in North America including 2 cloud data center regions separated for US government purpose. These include:

  • Central Canada: 3 Availability Zones
  • GovCloud (US-East): 3 Availability Zones
  • GovCloud (US-West): 3 Availability Zones
  • North California: 3 Availability Zones
  • Ohio: 3 Availability Zones
  • Oregon: 4 Availability Zones

South America

South America host only one AWS Region which is located in:

  • São Paulo: 3 Availability Zones

You can use any of these data center cloud infrastructure, facilities placed in these regions to setup your own cloud from the location of your choice. Or you can use all of its network to reduce the latency, if your audience are widely spread around the world.

Summary list of AWS data center locations

Here we have brought you the list of location of Amazon AWS data centers based on regions and availability zones arranged in alphabetical order of respective countries.

AWS Data Center Locations
AWS Data Center Regions (Availability Zones) Locations / Countries
Sydney (3) Australia
Bahrain (3) Bahrain
São Paulo (3) Brazil
Central Canada (3) Canada
Beijing (3); Ningxia (3); Hong Kong (3) China
Paris (3) France
Frankfurt (3) Germany
Mumbai (3) India
Ireland (3) Ireland
Milan (3) Italy
Osaka (1); Tokyo (3) Japan
Singapore (3) Singapore
Cape Town (3) South Africa
Seoul (4) South Korea
Stockholm (3) Sweden
London (3) UK
GovCloud US-East (3); GovCloud US-West (3); North California (3); Ohio (3); Oregon (4) USA

AWS Data Center Locations Map

Here we have obtained the map of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Center locations in the form of regions as explained above:

AWS data center locations map

Disclaimer: These information were last updated on August 2020. Though we have done our best to collect the right information, we don’t guarantee the accuracy of information provided here including AWS data center locations or map. Kindly contact Amazon for detailed or accurate information on Amazon AWS server locations on its data centers.