Rackspace Technology (shortly known as Rackspace) is a well known American managed cloud/data center company based in Texas with headquarter in San Antonio. However, it has global presence. Company claims itself to be a multi-cloud expert, which it is. Rackspace has more than two decades of experience since its inception in 1998. It became a public company in 2008, but was bought in 2016 by Apollo Global Management LLC and made private again. However, in 2020, company name has been changed to “Rackspace Technology” and it is made public again. Company is now listed and traded in NASDAQ with the symbol of “RXT”.

Rackspace Technology

During early days, when there were hundred of hosting companies providing not much than server space to its customers, it was Rackspace which differentiated itself on basis of its customer service. Now, it has global data center infrastructure in major locations across the world. They are also one of the first companies to offer managed cloud. Currently, Rackspace is serving its customers in 120+ countries with the help of its 6000+ staffs.

Some of the services and solutions of Rackspace Technology includes, but not limited to:

  • Colocation
  • Managed Cloud (private, public, hybrid)
  • Managed hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Database Management and hosting
  • Application services (such as CRM, ERP, Java or .net based applications, etc.)
  • Business Intelligence

Moreover, to add to their credit, they have alongside NASA founded OpenStack and runs the largest OpenStack cloud as well.

Rackspace data center locations

Rackspace data center facility and infrastructure supports your need for global reach, scalability and organizational agility whatever be the location. Be it cloud, colocation or dedicated server, these data centers are capable of what you want.

Rackspace data center

Data centers of Rackspace are strategically located in most influential financial and technical markets, where high uses of resources are expected. They own nearly around 20 data centers in various regions of Asia, Australia, Europe and America, which are categorically listed below along with map.

# Asia Pacific

# Europe

# North America

# South America

# Map

Asia Pacific


  • Sydney Data Center (SYD2)


  • Hong Kong Data Center (HKG5)
  • Shanghai Data Center (SHA3)


  • Singapore Data Center (SIN2)



  • Central European Data Centers (FRA1, FRA2)


  • Central European Data Centers (AMS2)


  • Russian Data Center (MOW80)


  • London Data Centers (LON3, LON5, LON8)

North America


There are six states in USA which host Rackspace data center, which includes California, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia.

  • Chicago Area Data Center (ORD1)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Area Data Center (DFW3)
  • Kansas City Data Center (MCI1)
  • New York/New Jersey Metro Data Centers (NYC1, NYC2)
  • Silicon Valley Data Center (SJC2)
  • Washington DC Area Data Centers (IAD3)

South America


  • South American Data Center

Summary List of Rackspace Data Center Locations

Here is the summary list of Rackspace data centers and their locations (state/country) in tabular form. Data information in the table below is arranged in alphabetical order by name of country followed by state and city.

Rackspace Data Center Locations
Rackspace Data Centers Locations
SYD2 Sydney, Australia
South American Data Center Sao Paulo, Brazil
HKG5 Hong Kong, China
SHA3 Pudong, Shanghai, China
FRA1, FRA2 Frankfurt, Germany
AMS2 Amsterdam, Netherlands
MOW80 Moscow, Russia
SIN2 Queenstown, Singapore
LON3 Slough, Berkshire, England (UK)
LON8 London, England (UK)
LON5 Crawley, West Sussex, England (UK)
SJC2 San Jose, California, USA
ORD1 Elk Grove Village (near Chicago), Illinois, USA
MCI1 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
NYC1, NYC2 Somerset (near New York City), New Jersey, USA
DFW3 Richardson (near Dallas/Fort Worth), Texas, USA
IAD3 Ashburn (near Washington DC), Virginia, USA

Rackspace Colocation

Rackspace provides its collocation services in various locations. However, not all its data canters are used in colocation  regions. The colocation regions of Rackspace Technology along with their data centers are given below:

Colocations Regions with Data Centers

Below given are the colocation regions of Rackspace Technology as defined by the company:

East Coast Region

This region lies towards eastern coast of USA. Here, Rackspace has total of 6 data centers providing colocation services which are located in Somerset City and Ashburn. These cities are near to each other but falls under New Jersey and Virginia states respectively.

  • New York City Data Centers – NYC1, NYC2, NYC40, NYC41
  • Ashburn Data Centers – IAD3, IAD40

Midwestern Region

This region lies in around almost central part of USA. It covers two states namely Illinois and Missouri. Chicago, which is a city in Illinois, host two data center infrastructure of Rackspace for colocation. Whereas, Kansas city in Missouri has one such facility.

  • Chicago Area Data Centers – ORD1, ORD40
  • Kansas City Data Center – MCI1

Pacific Northwest Region

This region lies in the northwest corner of USA covering two states: Oregon and Washington. There are two data centers in this region, one in Tukwila suburban city in King County of Washington and another in Hillsboro city in Oregon, which serves Rackspace colocation solutions.

  • Tukwila Data Center – SEA40
  • Hillsboro Data Center – PRT40

Silicon Valley Region

This region lies in the well known “Silicon Valley” in California State of USA. Silicon Valley Region has two data center infrastructures that provide Rackspace colocation services. These infrastructure facilities are located in San Fransisco and San Jose cities in the state.

  • San Francisco Data Center – SFO40
  • San Jose Data Center – SJC2

South Pacific Region

This region is lies in Australia. It has only one data center which is located in Erskine Park, a suburb in Sydney. In fact, it is the only Rackspace data center facility in Asia or Pacific region, which provides colocation solutions.

  • Sydney Data Center – SYD2

South Western Region

This region lies near south western part of USA. It too one data center for colocation in Phoenix city, which falls under Arizona State.

  • Phoenix Data Center – PHX40

Southern Region

This region lies towards south-eart part of USA. The only data center facility for Rackspace colocation in the region is located in Atlanta city of Georgia State. Atlanta is also the capital of the state.

  • Atlanta Data Centers – ATL40

Texas Region

As name suggest, this region lies in the Texas State of USA. The data center of Rackspace here is called as Dallas/Fort Worth Data center, probably due to its close proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth cities.

  • Dallas/Fort Worth Data Center – DFW3

United Kingdom Region

This region lies in United Kingdom (UK). However, all of the data center facilities for colocation are concentrated in England. It host two of the Rackspace data centers for the purpose of colocation. This include the facilities in Berkshire and West Sussex of England.

  • London Data Centers – LON3, LON5

Western Asia Region

This region lies in Russia. Only Rackspace data center in the region is located in Moscow, the capital of Russia. But don’t get confused; though most of the land mass of Russia lies in Asia, Moscow in particular lies in Europe.

  • Moscow Data Center – MOW80

Rackspace RackConnect

RackConnect is a unique hybrid cloud solution provided by Rackspace. It helps to connect your dedicated servers to the managed cloud. Rackconnect gives the flexibility and elasticity of cloud, as well as the enhanced security and performance characteristics of traditional hosting. In essence, this product from Rackspace enables the customer to enjoy the benefit of Hybrid hosting.

The locations where Megaport and Equinix connections for the RackConnect are available is listed below:

Asia Pacific

All of the connections available for RackConnect in Asia Pacific region is that of Megaport.

Megaport connections available in:

  • Adelaide, Australia
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Canberra, Australia
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Perth, Australia
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Wellington, New Zealand


Megaport connection available in:

  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • London, England
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Munich, Germany
  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Equinix connections available in:

  • London Slough LD5, England

North America

Megaport connections available in:

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Montreal, Qubec, Canada
  • Quebec City, Qubec, Canada
  • Ashburn, Virginia, USA
  • New York, USA
  • Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Houston, Texas, USA
  • Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Silicon Valley, California, USA
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Equinix connections available in:

  • DC1-DC8, DC10, DC11 (Ashburn, Virginia)
  • CH1-CH4 (Chicago, Illinois)
  • DA1-DA4, DA6 (Dallas, Texas)

Rackspace Data Center Locations Map

Here we have brought the map of Rackspace data center locations. This map locates the facilities and infrastructures such as data center, colocation region and RackConnect in various countries around the world.

Rackspace data center map
Click in this map to view it larger.

Disclaimer: These information were last updated on October 2020. Though we have done our best to collect the right information, we don’t guarantee the accuracy of information provided here including Rackspace data center locations or map. Kindly contact Rackspace for detailed or accurate information on its infrastructure, colocations or networks.