Data Centers are one or more physical infrastructures together where large numbers of servers are located to host the files in internet. Generally, big data centers lend their server space to small, medium or big web hosting companies or reseller in the form of colocation services. These companies in turn provide web-hosting services to end customers. However, some big companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. who needs to directly serve the large number of customers of their own, build their own data centers. And many a times, they too lend their spare space to those who need, through their own hosting-services.

Data centers

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Basically, you can search data centers and their location in this website based on countries or companies. If you are looking a suitable location to host your servers, to enjoy low latency, it would be better to search into geographical regions nearby. Also, you may compare the data center locations of few selected companies and make your decision accordingly.

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Data centers by companies

Here are the list of various companies and their data centers. This  may include information regarding locations, colocation facilities, cloud infrastructure, etc.: